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Advertising music used for marketing purposes has a direct effect on sales. The emotional impact of music on human psychology also determines behavioral tendencies. A good jingle should be catchy, integrated with the product, original and short.

In addition to creating a permanent message in the listener's memory, commercial music also serves an important purpose: it uses the ability to hear, an important sensory organ, to attract the attention of customers and create a positive perception.

As Split Media, we produce the sound and music that will best express the brand, product or service you will promote, and we make a great contribution to reaching the target audience.


Advertising Music and Jingle

Advertising Music and Jingles are special music tracks or melodies used by brands to promote their products or services, strengthen brand identity, and engage the target audience. These music pieces are typically designed to be short, catchy, and memorable, often created specifically for use in advertising campaigns. Advertising Music and Jingles help brands attract the attention of their target audience by reflecting the emotions, energy, and messages of the brand, aiding in brand recall.

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